Thursday, October 30, 2008

WFC 2008: Day One -- Preparations

It's like the world decided, "Okay, after yesterday, let's be nice to Lindsey."

I woke up at 8am, but quasi-passed back out until 9, giving me about ten and a half hours of sleep. Most of it pretty decent - I never sleep THAT well in hotel rooms, but I only remember waking up a couple of times. I checked out, hit the streets, and trundled my way down to the Hyatt, where I stowed my luggage and went to register and pick up my book packet.

Twelve beautiful books (one of which I exchanged because I'm not into horror), including a couple of anthologies ...

... a hardbound copy of Mother of Lies. AUUUUUGH!

I am going to take it to Duncan (no relation) to be signed on Friday eve, which is the autograph reception.

I tried to find Buzzard's Cowboy Grill (hey, that's the local specialty) to eat, but misinterpreted the clerk's direction and went the wrong way. I found a little cafe with good food (though I couldn't finish it - my stomach's just not wanting to eat) ... and a shopping mall.

Sadly, though they had a music store, they did not have Shoot From The Hip. What they did have was a little bakery. Am making plans for breakfast. This center is close enough for easy eating. If it doesn't get dark early, I think I'm set for the week.

Got back, found out that, since the hotel is fully booked, they were offering parlor rooms with a roll-in bed at a reduced rate WITH internet included.

Me: ... is there a question?

It is a gorgeous conference-style room with a living area, a one-wall full window, a kitchen with fridge / freezer, and a bathroom the size of some rooms I have stayed in. With ... a phone in it. What? Who makes phonecalls from their bathroom?

The coughing is now accompanied by sniffling. I'm hoping this is due to a change in allergy zones - my medication is frequently ineffective the first 3-4 days I'm in a new region. If not, I know what I'll be drinking ...

... pineapple juice!

Seriously, it has all the vitamins of orange juice, but doesn't mess up your vocal chords. Learned this on a reading website.

My shoes are falling apart.

First session in under an hour!

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