Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

I am ninety percent sure that I am actually asleep right now and typing this post as part of a lucid dream. Unfortunately, if I pinch myself, I'll lose my train of thought, so ... onwards!

It's been a wild and crazy week, and consequently not as much writing time as I would like. However, I've spent quality time reading one of my manuscripts - which is going to need a frightful amount of editing - and exchanging private critiques with some members of for submissions to their anthology. They aren't paying the authors; instead, all proceeds go towards maintenance of the site. A very worthy cause. The topic is the line "Waking to the light of the last day," and, of course, I couldn't resist playing around with some structural malarky ...

Still trying to gauge when it's "safe" to jump back into the novel writing pool. I have a whole bunch of old free writes that want finishing; maybe I'll at least close out 2009 (yes, I really do have them that far back) before I move on to long form. After the current story I'm writing, there's only one more opening from '09.

5/12 - 5/18
Word count: 3,813

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