Thursday, May 05, 2011

Another Sale!

Another story sale, this one to Kaleidotrope!

Due out ... sometime next year. I am waiting to hear whether winter means "Jan / Feb" or "Nov / Dec" ...

The story is entitled "Voices," and is set in the same world as "Journal of the Dead" - almost prehistory, if you will.

This is actually my second publication in Kaleidotrope, and I happened to get curious about whether or not Tangent ever reviewed this ezine. I found this whopper of a review of my previous story:

In this issue’s first story, “Remember,” Lindsey Duncan crafts lyrical prose as nimbly as a skilled glassblower might work a parison. Duncan’s sculpted passages bring to the fore a tale in which an emissary from a drought-stricken village must overcome the rigors of harsh terrains, including and especially desert and mountains, in order to call forth energies capable of transforming his arid homeland into a fertile valley; the main character must summon the “Storm-bringers.” The cost of intruding on such powerful beings is his sanity, but the only way for him to return home is for him to keep a little bit of his head. In the least, the protagonist is conflicted.

At first glance, this piece is a prose poem about overcoming adversity. Read closer, though, this story sets up the relative cost of choices and questions whether or not it is worthwhile to sacrifice one’s self to serve the greater good. Sagaciously, Duncan posits that either response brings secondary problems and that in most cases, no matter the route we follow, we will remain unable to know our choice’s merit.

No. 7, October 2009 print, if you want to check it out.


Kittie Howard said...

Hi, I'm dropping in from Cherie's blogfest and am your latest follower.

Congratulations! What a fantastic critique. Great job!

Lindsey Duncan said...

Hi! Good to meet you. And much thanks. I was stoked to discover it.

Rebecca Dupree said...

Dropping in from the blogfest. GREAT JOB! :o)

Lindsey Duncan said...

Awwh ... thanks!

I feel bad because I couldn't join in the writing - exciting to see people's stories go up, though!