Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

So much has happened within the course of the novel pages I've edited this past week, and yet I have little to say. I'm conscious of the fact that I'm not cutting as much as I wanted to and often adding chunks of explanation and emotional insertions - but I am still fixed on the point that whatever the length, it needs to be as strong as it can be. Four more chapters this week. Not going to promise (even to myself) that I'll keep that pace ...

I'm still finishing "Scenting Rain" in between times, but have a lot else I've been tackling, such as reviews and editing a story that I intend to submit to Triangulation: Last Contact. (Everyone who read "Last Requests," by the way - thank you so much. It's a much stronger story now, and all my niggling doubts have been addressed.) I'm down to one last sentence to use in "Scenting Rain," and I just realized I'll need to switch POVs one more time to get it to happen. Curses! But we are looking at a sprawling novella - currently a little over 14k, likely to go over 15k, and probably shrinking back to 13-14k in editing.

That makes my total count of novellas / novelettes (technically it's a novelette, but that term sounds so dainty) written for publication: two. The other is "Shadow Play," and while I'm sure much of the style / feel is similar, the outlook on the world espoused by the characters could not be more different.

3/17 - 3/23
Pages Edited: 19
Word Count: 1,258


Angie said...

I know what you mean. I just finished revising my novel, and it came out about 2k longer than before, which bothers me a little, but I do think the novel is stronger because of the changes.

Lindsey Duncan said...

The problem for me is that this novel is about 20 - 30k above what I would consider the ceiling of saleable range ... the big-fat-scifi novel being less common than the big-fat-fantasy novel. So the pressure for reduction is on.