Thursday, March 03, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

So I've finished my meanderings over the past week about my ideas for the next novel, and I think just talking about it, I've narrowed it down to the last three. The first two allow me to explore the mystery-fantasy fusion I'm fascinated with; the last has a weird, magnetic appeal, though I wonder about making it manageable ... and if the fun is in pondering it, not producing it.

For those curious about my sentences story, I'm still working on it. Strange thing: when I began to write, I looked at the amount of ground I intended to cover and gave it permission to be a novella. When I hit the 5-6k ranges, the point where I usually start to freak out and angst about a story's length ... I felt calm. Focused. I was on track. It's the same problem, but I had decided at the outset that I was going for a different product, and that made all the difference.

4 of 6 sentences used thus far. Got a long span to reach the fifth, which is just before the climax, and the sixth, which is just after.

Just reached the decision scene in "Who Wants To Be A Hero?" and did not put the final result from the winner's POV. Not sure that's the right choice. It comes down to whose story it is ... and when you look at these shows, even though there's a winner, there's not really a through narrative. (Otherwise, you'd know who was winning from the beginning.) I chose to tell it from the point of view of Ioweyn, my main character outside of the competition. Since her life is deeply affected as well, I think - I hope! - it works.

Word count for 2/24 - 3/2: 10,237


Angie said...

All those ideas sound fun. I am now at a point to try and decide what to work on next myself. It's a fun time, but also a little scary for me. What if I don't come up with any good ideas? Well, that's never happened. Good luck with all your projects.

Lindsey Duncan said...

For me, it's good because there I could be happy writing any of the ideas. It's bad because I will be annoyed at not being able to write the others. ;-) Bet you'll come up with something great. And thanks.