Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Today is the busiest day of the Celtic musician's year. I only had one job, but it was a marathon: two hours at lunch, then another two and a half hours at dinner, with my trio. I also turned down at least three other jobs that intersected. Might have been more, I lost count. Which is all to say that I apologize in advance if this post is in gibberish. Or Gaelic (same difference).

First week, off to a good start: four chapters edited, and more thoroughly than I had initially intended. What I usually do is take a printed manuscript, read it through once to get the macro sense of the story, then read it through again taking hand notes and creating an outline. The outline contains macro-level corrections I need to make; the hand notes are typically line edits. These steps are already done. Then I address the hand notes in the manuscript. That's the step I'm on. As I finish each chapter, I'm going back over it again to see if I've edited in anything strange, if I skimmed lines I should have read more closely because I didn't mark them on the printed pages, etc.

I had something wise and enlightening I was going to say in this post, which I have forgotten. Oh, well.

3/10 - 3/16:
Pages edited (computer manuscript, which is about 750 words / full page): 21
Word count: 2,069

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