Friday, August 27, 2010

SaC Soundtrack

Finished my first readthrough of the Scylla and Charybdis manuscript! It will go away for a short while (three days to a week), and then I'm going to plunge back in for the purposes of outlining. This is something I did when I started to edit Journal of the Dead, and it worked very well: it includes not just a plot summary of scenes, but what information / purpose it serves for worldbuilding, character development, foreshadowing, romantic subplot, etc. This should help me with cohesion, balance and cutting.

I know my followers don't have the same music tastes as I, generally speaking ... but just for kicks, here again is the soundtrack I put together for SaC. I've added two songs since I originally posted this. The songs divide loosely between situational / character specific, overall feel ... and gender-focused songs I chose because I felt bratty.

1. Us Amazonians -- Kirsty MacColl
2. Walk This World -- Heather Nova
3. Suddenly -- LeAnn Rimes
4. Defying Gravity -- Wicked soundtrack
5. Drops of Jupiter -- Train
6. There Is Nothing Like A Dame -- South Pacific soundtrack
7. I Do -- Lisa Loeb
8. Breathe -- Midge Ure
9. Turn This World Around -- Amy Grant
10. I Enjoy Being A Girl -- Flower Drum Song soundtrack
11. Children of the Revolution -- Kirsty MacColl*
12. The Safest Place -- LeAnn Rimes
13. Don't Rain On My Parade -- Glee cast version*
14. It's Raining Men -- Geri Halliwell
15. Free -- Sarah Brightman
16. Poor Little Fool -- Helen Reddy
17. Always Tomorrow -- Gloria Estefan
18. In The Arms of the Milky Way -- Laura Powers

Will probably run this, if not during all editing, then on and off at times. Close enough to mood music. ;-)

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