Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Not much more to report on the two novel projects: they're lumbering along. I've been pretty consumed with a harp workshop that I'll be giving this time next month, getting the music and handouts prepared and trying to excise a rhythmic inaccuracy that I slowly learned in one of the tunes. Speaking of harp ...

Also working on a short story that was based on a "worst day on the job" prompt. I always feel as if I'm too clinical when writing about harpers. I never ramble on, but the flavor and detail, to me, don't seem as if they're interesting - from the inside of my head, I'm more likely to feel I'm showing off. Reader reaction to the last story where I did this was that the bits and pieces worked and flowed well ... I think it's just that I'm inherently self-conscious of something that's, "Been there, done that," to me.

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