Friday, June 19, 2009

New Story - Plotted

So I undertook answering the questions from the last post and came up with some interesting information ... stuff I didn't expect to use, but started to come into play as I worked on a plot outline. (Which I need for short stories, not so much for novels.) What I've ended up with is a very dark S&S story set in a manor ... I'm wavering back and forth about whether flashbacks are appropriate, especially as they're likely to make it long, but a) it seems more interesting than just narrating the information; b) everything in the past comes into play in the present and c) my short stories are always long. Why buck the trend now?

Anyhow, the questions got me thinking about story points in a whole different way, and I enjoyed that. I tried not to come up with too much of the plot until after I'd finished with the questions, to mixed results ... the two (three, if you count setting separately) wove naturally together.

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