Thursday, May 28, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Since I've just hit paged 17 of 170 in my Journal of the Dead printed manuscript, I'm - actually less than a tenth of the way through, as there are no more partial pages after the journal begins. Still, to think that almost ten percent of the story is in third person before the switch is startling. It's a necessary move; hope I can overcome when I get to querying and submitting.

I'm beginning to worry that Scylla and Charybdis is too heavy on the worldbuilding and description. The issue is simply that everywhere Anaea goes, even the most basic things are brand-new to her. I have to paint the picture along with her reaction, while still propelling the plot forward - and then to make things more glumpy, it would be pretty low of Gwydion not to explain things to her since he's standing right there. However, in many respects, this exploration / discovery IS the plot. I think of this as primarily a setting story (unusual for me) followed closely by character. The more formalized plot structure is a distant third.

It may be simply that I'm unused to a setting that is front and center, so my mental sense of the ratio is off. Time will tell.

Speaking of time, I'm having the curious sense of deja vu. Did I complain about this same issue before?

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