Thursday, May 21, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

If I just relax and stop trying to pace myself, Scylla and Charybdis seems to work much better. I have some rough patches as to how long the journey is supposed to take - it turns out that the way I built hyperspace and the sub-light distances between corridors, the exploratory mission I was picturing as a long-term thing couldn't have taken more than ten days to get to the vicinity of Themiscyra. Wow.

Ironically, the main reason I've made hyperspace travel-time so short is I don't want to leave my two characters in the shuttle for ages because I have less pretext for him not to tell her everything he can think of ... and that makes my novel boring. Help, I'm adjusting my setting in accordance with narrative necessity!

Journal of the Dead - I am pretty much convinced that the new-file rewrite was worth it, though I wonder when in the world this novel will finally be ready to face the world. I thought I would be totally done by May - June. Fall? If I say certainly before the end of the year, I may jinx myself.

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