Thursday, May 15, 2008

Projects Out and About

For (possible) entertainment, here are the projects I currently have looking for homes, in order of when they were put into circulation:

Miss Understanding - novel - submitting to publishers
Pens In Silver And Gold - novel - submitted to Baen; basically, my "last chance" slot before retiring, as they keep it for about a year
Scylla and Charybdis - scifi short story
Butterfly's Poison - novel - querying to agents
Instructions For An Initiate - flash fiction fantasy
Humane Warfare - scifi short story
The Changeling Letter - fantasy short story
Remember - flash fiction fantasy
Mirror, Mirror - fantasy short story
Servant of Winter - fantasy villanelle
The Seeds of Profit - fantasy short story
Protocol - fantasy short story
If These Walls Could Speak ... - fantasy short story
Twice Given - fantasy short story
Ten Cities Down - fantasy short story
Lightning Strikes - fantasy short story
In These Shoes - fantasy short story (currently being held by Sword & Sorceress 23)
Precious Cargo - scifi short story
Four Tests - flash fiction fantasy

Which is to say - dang, I have too many things out there right now.

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