Saturday, May 03, 2008

27 Dresses

I just saw this movie. Three things are noteable, one on a personal level, one on a professional level:

1. I love Judy Greer. Seriously. The funky friend / sister / sidekick she plays is always a highlight of the movie. In this movie particularly she was priceless.

I can tell that this movie wasn't made by anyone "in the business" for the following reasons:

2. I found it ridiculous that they had to give the male lead a dramatic reason for him to be cynical and jaded about weddings. Come on. After so many weddings you are ready to throttle someone if you hear Kahlil Gibran, and odds are you want Pachelbel's Canon (objectively a really beautiful piece of music) shot OUT of a cannon. Preferrably in such a way as it destroys Wagner's Bridal Chorus (objectively a really hideous piece of music).

3. There are so many other wedding tropes that could have been touched on even in the brief sequences seen here. Some of them I've mentioned above. What about the little kid who never, ever makes it up the aisle? What about the unity candle?

Grousing aside, this really was a fun, well-written movie, if about as predictable as most romantic comedies. Still, I could feel a couple cliches coming on that they sidestepped, so I did appreciate that - and the dialogue is hysterical. (Also, see point 1 above. Judy Greer!)

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