Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Perfect

Had a six-hour gig Sunday - 11-2, then 5-8 - and between the long drive there and having to find a Panera to while away the interim time, I reached and went through my last CD mix. This is the partial one - Letting Go bled forward - and I kinda slapped it together. It's called Not Perfect and features ladies (and in a case or two, gents) who maybe need to get their acts together ... in the songs, that is. Or maybe they're just right the way they are.

1. Troublemaker - Anna Sahlene
2. No Angel - Dido
3. Stepping to the Bad Side - Dreamgirls Soundtrack
4. Immortality - Celine Dion
5. Don't Call Me Friend - Anna Sahlene
6. Always True To You In My Fashion - Kiss Me Kate Soundtrack
7. Free - Faith Hill
8. How Can Heaven Love Me - Sarah Brightman
9. No Ordinary Girl - Anna Sahlene
10. Life For Rent - Dido
11. Before You - Chantal Kreviazuk
12. Hunter - Dido
13. The Woman In Me - Crystal Gayle
14. Disappear - Anna Sahlene (... this apparently tells me Sahlene writes a LOT of songs about screwy women.)
15. I Don't Know - Celine Dion
16. My Way Home - Kirsty MacColl

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