Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

In the middle of this blog tour, I take a moment for my regular feature ... which hasn't been regular for a while, but I now vow to restore it to its rightful place.

That said, there hasn't been much writing of the past week. Instead, I've been busily working on my posts for this here tour. But I've found that serves its own purpose: it reawakens some of the joy of the initial act of creation, something I've been far away from with the last edits of Scylla and Charybdis (and the first edits of Who Wants To Be A Hero? still to come). Don't mistake me, I love the editing process, at least the fine-tuning, word tweaking, reshaping, part ... but there's nothing like the first encounter with an idea.

It's a universe that will hopefully see more stories in the future - besides the one forthcoming and the three I want to get sold, I have a few other ideas sitting in my file. One of them is just a sparker, to have a secret stop on the DC Metro that somehow links to the water-witches. Others were exercises I did from The 3AM Epiphany (which is absolutely the only writing exercise book I would ever recommend - great stuff) or other sources, snatches of dialogue and conflict. All of them need some fleshing out before I'd be ready to write ...

But isn't that the fun of it?

Depending on how Flow does, there's also a few sparks in my head about a potential sequel ...

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