Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Blog Tour!

For the release of Flow, I'll be taking a tour of some blogs, either with interviews or guest posts. My hope is to have other information / material on my own blog for the intervening days. Here's the lineup:

Monday, 3/12: Interview by Cherie Reich
Wednesday, 3/14: Interview by Aubrie Dionne at Flutey Words
Friday, 3/16: Guest post over at Nyki Blatchey's blog on worldbuilding for Flow
Monday, 3/19: Guest post over at Angie Lofthouse's Notes From The Writing Chair about writing short fiction and how it helped my writing / career
Wednesday, 3/21: Guest post over at B.A. Barnett's Writerly Wackiness, tentatively entitled "Three's A Crowd"
Friday, 3/23: Guest post over at Daniel's Ausema's Twigs and Brambles, where I'm thinking of discussing the use of scent - but this may change

And further ahead ...

Sunday, 4/29: Interview with Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson at Writing Commando

If anyone wants to talk to me during intervening or subsequent days, please let me know! I'm up to rambling about just about anything.

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