Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Snippet

To kick off my forthcoming blog tour, I thought I would post a snippet from a little later in Flow than the teaser available on Double Dragon's website. Here's the opening of chapter three, as Kit returns home:

Most of the lights were off, but Kit found the gloom more comfortable than the gingerbread warmth of normal light. She made her way down the front hall by feel.

"Hey, Terri?" she called. She found the wood handrail into the living room, trying to shake off a weird sense of tension, as if someone were looking over her shoulder. "I want you to meet…"

The sensation deepened as the shadows gained color, a blur of muted hues that closed in and hit her hard. A fist smacked her chest and her body went awry in response, arms flying, spine cracking into the rail. She howled; her second muscles coiled in readiness, all wild animation and adrenaline poisoning. Instinctively, she tried to place where her attacker stood. Something slammed into her left leg.

She twisted with it, trying to roll over the blow, but a flare of pain sent her mind screaming - not the tendon, not when it had taken so long, not when another pull could damage it permanently - and she surrendered, collapsing in a puddle on the steps. A long white-gloved hand caught her chin and knocked her head back against the rail. Hooded grey eyes played over Kit's face, neutral, assessing. She saw a flash of metal out of the corner of her eye and flinched. The point of a knife replaced the hand.

"I know what you can do," the woman said. "The first false move will be your last."

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Diego said...

Wow, quite the intense opening. Nothing worse than realizing a safe place has been invaded by taking a punch to the chest in the dark.

I'm guessing this is where things start to get serious.