Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Balance of Power

This story has sold (sold!) to MindFlights, which used to be The Sword Review and purchased two of my prior stories. Publication date to be announced.

(If anyone's wondering about how I order my future publications, it's roughly chronological, with a vague estimate for anything that's TBA.)

And I just realized that my last three blog posts have been about sales. That's pretty nifty.


Aubrie said...

Congrats on your sale to Mindflights! I just sent them one of my stories for the first time. They have 34 more stoires in the cue before they even get to mine.

Let me know when it's up and I'll read it!

Lindsey Duncan said...

Thanks! I think they're moving through the queue pretty quickly (it was about that full when I submitted 11/23, I think), so hope you get good news soon.

Will do. :-)