Sunday, April 09, 2017

Song Styles

I'm a goal-oriented person, so since I have a Mother's Day performance on the books - a background job at brunch, three hours total - I'm using it as a goal post to finish learning new tunes and revive dusty ones.

Because I love new music and projects, the list a bit lengthy, but here's a piece of it:

Theme from Jurassic Park
The Entertainer (Scott Joplin)
Ancient Mother / The Earth is Becoming Green
The first piece is attributed as "Native American," but since my source is female singing group Libana, I don't have more details.  The latter is a Welsh song.  They sound very strking together.
Wen Ti - Chinese hymn
Scotland The Brave
Doue Lan a Vadeleh - Breton hymn
Somewhere Out There - from American Tail
The Bare Necessities - from The Jungle Book
Ave Maria (Schubert)
Oh, this one is a nightmare.  It's such a pain in the neck (or lower regions) on the harp that even though I want to like it, I just can't do it.  I'm learning it for wedding clients, and I figured this performance was a good excuse to force myself to finish it.
For Good - from Wicked

So a little bit of everything, which is a good description of my repertoire in general.  I certainly have a Celtic focus, but my interests vary widely.  They also stop about fifteen years ago (the last tune), though mainly because I try to avoid tunes that aren't in the public domain unless they are iconic / recognizable.

On a previous Sunday, I discussed tunes I've pondered adding, but they're all vocals, which limits their utility.  Most of what I book are background jobs like this one.

Thoughts welcome, as always.

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