Sunday, April 02, 2017

Song Styles

This week, I'm asking for your input / help!  In previous posts on this subject, I've shared with you that I make car CDs for my drives.  I organize them around themes, since I find that more satisfying than just a random collection of favorites.  I've done themes from "Garden" to "Sum Of Our Parts" (various songs referencing body parts, which sounds odder than it is) to "Colors," and, of course, my word-association collections.  I tried a "Life Story" sequence, but I didn't care for it.

However, lately I've had some trouble coming up with themes that please me; it's too vague, or I might not have enough songs, the topic drifts, or the appropriate songs end up one-note.  That's where you come in ...

I'm looking for suggestions for topics / themes for my car CDs.  A CD fits approximately 20 songs, give or take depending on length.  So - any ideas?

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