Sunday, March 26, 2017

Song Styles

My novel-in-editing, Unnatural Causes, is a murder mystery:  the death of a prominent and controversial mage by her apprentice and familiar.  The familiars in this world are extraplanar beings, and their status is uncertain:  indentured servants at best, slaves at worst.  I put two themesongs in my notes to play off their attitudes towards the world around them.  The first is hard, driving and rebellious:

Are We All We Are - P!nk
(Warning:  language)

It also has some relevance to narrator Vil, who personally is defiant and impatient.

The second is more aspirational, a hope for peace:

The War Is Over - Sarah Brightman

But with their future in doubt, their primary advocate murdered, what truly is in store for the familiars?

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