Sunday, March 05, 2017

Song Styles

Earlier in the year (is it already March??), I commented that Sissel's Beyond Imagination was a song I adored, but couldn't find a character for ... turns out, I lied, because I had attributed it to Ioweyn, the heroine / prize of Who Wants To Be A Hero? - my novel-in-queries, which is best described as what would happen if skill-based reality television competition was invented by a Greco-Roman pantheon of gods.  I was riffing off my personal vices in this TV genre:  Project Runway, Top Chef, FaceOff, etc.

In any case, this necessarily involved a fairly large cast of characters, so I had to come up with quick ways to make them distinct, both for me and for the reader.  On the former front, I gave them each an encapsulating themesong.  For Paraneus, the blowhard self-proclaimed "perfect hero," I had to go with a classic:

C'est Moi - Camelot Soundtrack 

The cap on this, of course, is the backdrop of him riding across the countryside, singing this at the top of his lungs.  Pretty much a perfect snapshot of what I wanted for the character.

Bonus song of the day:  shout-out to everyone who doesn't (or simply can't!) color between the lines.  As a writer / creative who marches to the tune of ... a flute, I love the message.  As a harper who is almost pathologically of playing exactly what's on the sheetmusic ... I also enjoy the lyrics on a literal level.

My Song - Alessia Cara

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