Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

This week, the thoughts have been shifted to another day of the week so I can be thoughtless on Thursday due to tryptophan.  I can't promise this post will be any more inspired than that particular bit of obnoxious alliteration.

With my most recent sale, I'll be moving on to edit / tidy up "Splinter Cell," another of my short stories set in the Flow-verse.  That means I now have four:

Xmas Wishes - now available from Gypsy Shadow Publishing!
A Dose of Aconite - in submissions
Splinter Cell - up for editing
Untitled - currently under filename "KierryDealWithDevil" (no, not the literal Devil, folks) - may or may not be submitted, as I'm not too sure of the ending ... it relies not so much on the main character as a secondary character responding to his actions.

I also have one potential plotline to write and another story sparker involving the DC Metro.  For me, who is always exploring new worlds and concepts, this is a fair number to have in the same setting, but I'm hoping some of them will draw readers to the novel.

I do have to be careful with the implicit timeline.  Since Flow is set in 2007, and the potential sequel kicking around in my head will probably be 2010, I need to make sure that the stories agree with this timeline in regards to how the two main organizations - the water-witches and the Borderwatch - interact.  This is not too hard, as status quo is something of "cold war," but I don't want details to contradict, even when I'm writing forward, back and to the side of myself.

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