Thursday, June 30, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

Finished my time mage story a few days ago, which I wasn't entirely sure I was going to have completed before the end of the month ... maybe a bit of time magic leached out of the story into my fingers.
I just did an edit with Darwin Garrison for the reprint of "Fatecraft" (forthcoming soon) and was very surprised by several things when rereading the story. First of all, just how hyper Pazia is - she has a lot of energy and determination. Second of all, there's this reference to clockwork ruins throughout the world that just begs exploration - and I had totally forgotten about this.

Third of all, two moons. Two, Lindsey. Gosh, I hope I haven't contradicted that in "Natural Selection" or "The City of Lanterns."
I find this issue with short stories: since I don't do worldbuilding or take notes, all these aspects are found only in the stories themselves, which means rereading or skimming to recover key details. It may be part of the reason why I don't do many series stories.
In this instance, what I found throws a wrinkle into the idea of a novel in this setting. I had been thinking of a mystery, closely involving Kalliniar (the light-mage from "The City of Lanterns") - but those ruins, they beckon. The two concepts seem contradictory, so which way I'd jump is now a mystery. No pun intended.
6/23 - 6/29
Word count: 2,621


Angie said...

It's always interesting to go back and read something and discover all the details in their that I'd forgotten. I'm starting on the third novel in a series. It can be hard to keep track of it all sometimes.

Lindsey Duncan said...

With novels, I do pre-work and so at least I have SOME notes. ;-) Not so much with shorts ...

Btw, I apologize for the spacing on this. Blogger is being obnoxious and I can't get back in to fix.