Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big to Little or Vice Versa?

I've reached the point in fantasy / mystery novel work where I'm starting on character profiles, and I wondered ... for those of you who do work in advance, whether writing descriptions, doing mock-interviews, or whatever it is you do to get a handle on your characters - do you usually start with the main character and work your way down to minor members of the cast, or do you start with fringe characters to get a feel for things and work your way up?


Lauren Michelle said...

I'll always at least start with the main character on exercises like this. My stuff tends to be very single-character focused, so that would naturally be the thing I gravitate toward. Sometimes the information I need to grind out gets too involved or requires further thought, though. In those cases, I'll spot-check secondary characters with more crystallized, less complicated roles in order to clear up some questions that arise working through the main one.

Lindsey Duncan said...

That makes good sense. :-)

I'm currently torn whether I want to "work up to" the MC, or whether I want to start there while I'm fresh, but leaning towards the latter.

Thanks for commenting!