Thursday, January 06, 2011

Thursday Thoughts

It's been a good week: I got a lot of critiquing and editing (short stories) done on top of the writing. I still am drawing blanks on the FWO challenge topic. I feel obliged to enter, since the concept of a sequel story was my idea ... but I can't seem to find anything suited. I've written stories that are linked and involve the same characters, but very few that qualify as a sequel. Many of my stories have endings that scan as, "... and then ..." but in such a way that it's meant for the reader's consideration, not the writer's fingers.

Finished the Ishene and Kemel story ... finally. It just deals with way too much material (and gets started too slowly, but at least that part is fixable). Will I get tired of using time travel and paradox in fantasy? Only time will tell ...

And these stories aren't suitable for sequels since, while I could tell plenty of other stories about these two, none of them stem directly from a specific current story.

The novel ... ah, the novel. I've lost my neurosis about being continuously funny, which means I may have to go punch some things up - but at this point in the story, the interactions of the characters create a lot of the humor, meaning I don't have to work at it as hard. It's like a sitcom: something happens, and there's this beat where the audience knows how character Y is going to respond ... wait for it ... the anticipation enhances the laughter.

Word count for 12/30/10 - 1/5/11: 10,336

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