Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

My output has taken a nosedive again. I've been working on the same flash fiction story since Tuesday. Arrrrr.

But I had some pleasant accomplishments this week: I finished my surrealism / hypnosis / unrequited love story. I finished my current editing pass of Journal of the Dead, as previously mentioned. (Yay!) It's just hard to be optimistic when the past couple days have been a bedraggled mess.

Looking ahead, have to finish this flash and then dive straight into February challenge for FWO. I'm writing another Ishene and Kemel story, my time traveling historian and her bodyguard. And yeah, it is telling how bad I am at titles that my few series are invariably named after the protagonists or the world.

Been playing around with writing another story in the same world as this (, only in a different city. Which kind of implies that each city has its own localized underworld ... I could potentially do a whole series of them with characters ending up on the surface and then coming together, but I doubt I would have the patience. Pity, because it's a cool idea: all those short stories out there, serving as backdrop, and then a novel that starts once they've all joined.

Also, while Timur is all right as a character, I love Civine to pieces. I love a certain kind of precocious child ...


Aubrie said...

You have so many projects going at once! That's a true writer at heart :)

Lindsey Duncan said...

Nah, more like I'm hyper. ;-) "Playing around" is really just woolgathering right now. I do like to have more than one project going, though; it actually helps me concentrate.