Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Award

(Okay, there is supposed to be an image, but I tried it six ways and it is making me UNhappy, so ...

I hope I managed to get the image in here ...

Aubrie Dionne sent me a Happy Award! ... which means I have to list ten things that make me happy. Curse you, Aubrie!

A lot of silly stuff, in absolutely no order:

1. The Puppy -- I have an adorable little ball of fluff with a penchant for lap-curling who never ceases to make me feel better.
2. Friends, Family ... and people who put up with me in general. Because wow, I can rant, and I'm always shocked when someone is crazy enough to listen. ;-)
3. Harp -- Even when some parts of the business make me want to bash my head in, I can always reach the place where I just cut loose and play.
4. Writing -- When it's flowing and feeling just right, or when I look back and am quite honestly stunned by how good it is. (Sadly, this has been all too rare an occasion these days.)
5. Good Food -- Oh, how I wish this weren't on this list, but there's nothing like a good meal (whether it be a dessert or just a bowl of soup) to boost the mood.
6. "Junk" Music -- For a Celtic musician, I listen to an awful lot of stuff I never play ... I've got mad love for artists like Kirsty MacColl and Sophie Ellis-Bextor.
7. Sleeping In ... because!
8. Publications -- Is it terribly to be chipper because I've got a rash of stories coming out in March?
9. Bath and Bodyworks -- This is my guilty induglence.
10. Artwork and Knickknacks -- I love glasswork, fantasy figurines, cool images ... it's been a real effort not introducing mad clutter into my music studio, which is supposed to be a business space.

If anyone is following me and hasn't done this, please pick it up. ;-)


Aubrie said...

Ha! I loved reading your list even if I am cursed! Bath and Body works smells so nice...and who doesn't like sleeping in. Thanks for accepting the award. :)

Lindsey Duncan said...

I'm such a night-owl that it's a necessary happy. ;-) And I'm not very girly, but B&BW ... aaaaaah.

Thanks for giving it.