Thursday, March 26, 2009

Thursday Thoughts

Scylla and Charybdis seems to consist of frenetic leaps from one conversation to another. I am entirely off the course of the short story now, but very pleased with the direction. I am slightly dubious that Anaea hasn't stopped to interrogate Gwydion for more details about his society, but that would slow up the story with a dialogue info-dump - so I focus on forward motion until I've gotten a little further.

Not much more to say ... nearing the end of chapter three. They seem to be breaking fairly naturally around 3600 words.

Editing marks for Journal of the Dead - progressing nicely. My hope is that, by working from the printed copy rather than the original draft, I'll be more free to make changes, even drastic ones, as I input ... so I often have notes that don't directly fit with the current text. I am in Chapter Four of the third person section - one more chapter after this, and the narrative swaps to first person as the journal begins.

One thing I have to be very careful about inserting into the text is how in the world Rhiane is keeping this journal on her person - and there are times where she would have had to be carrying it to make an entry - without it being confiscated, and for that matter, how it isn't read by anyone else. I have a reason for this. It feels labored, but once worked into the storyline, it should work. I'm just nose-crinkly about it since it was an afterthought for me - I reached the final portions and went, "Oh, blast."


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