Saturday, March 14, 2009

Arcane Whispers - Vol 2

So it looks like Arcane Whispers, Volume Two - the Best of Sorcerous Signals for 2008 ... will include not one, but two of my stories!

Luckily, they're very different in tone: Apartment Tour is an urban fantasy flash fiction, written with a bit of tongue in cheek bite. Soul Siblings is a long sword and sorcery-style epic with some heavy material - though there are some moments of humor if I'm recalling right. I'm nearly incapable of writing without it.

I am particularly excited about the latter because Soul Siblings has always been one of my personal favorite stories.

Even more amusing - last I checked, the illustration for Soul Siblings is frontrunner for cover art. I actually didn't vote for it because I liked some of the others (even by the same artist) better, and because it's a little inaccurate: the Geneb third eyes are supposed to be different colors from their normal eyes. There wasn't time to change it before Sibs went to press, so no big deal - it's still a gorgeous picture. I almost hate to bring it up if it does get the nod for cover art ...

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