Saturday, April 05, 2008

Foreign Film Dub Redux

My original CD rip had a Foreign Film Dub, but I had some new songs and I believe I'd already used a couple of the ones on the original FFD elsewhere, so this is a redux.

(The term "Foreign Film Dub" is from the improv show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" where two actors perform a scene from an imaginary movie in a gibberish language supposed to represent German, Korean, whatever, and two others translate for them.)

1. God's Child (Baila Conmigo) -- Selena (Spanish)
2. Times -- Lesiem (Latin)
3. Go Away -- Gloria Estefan (Various. A sample line from the song is, "Ciao, bye-bye, hasta la vista - fare thee well, adios, so long.")
4. Hijo de la Luna -- Sarah Brightman (Spanish)
5. In These Shoes -- Kirsty MacColl (Spanish)
6. Dove L'amore -- Cher (French)
7. Tu Y Yo -- Thalia (Spanish)
8. Cursum Perficio -- Enya (Latin)
9. Te Amare -- Gloria Estefan (Spanish)
10. Adonde Voy -- Linda Ronstadt (Spanish)
11. I Wanna (Shall We Dance) -- Gizelle D'Cole and Pilar Montenero, Shall We Dance? soundtrack (Spanish. I think.)
12. Storms In Africa -- Enya (Irish Gaelic)
13. C'est La Vie -- Shania Twain (French)
14. Oye -- Gloria Estefan (Spanish)
15. Nao Esperando -- Kirsty MacColl (Spanish)
16. Fides (Belief) -- Lesiem (Latin)
17. Molde Canticle -- Sissel (No language - no words, just "ooh"s)
18. Ay, Ay, I -- Miami Sound Machine (Spanish)
19. Libre -- Paulina Rubio (Spanish)
20. Mambo De La Luna -- Kirsty MacColl (Spanish)
21. Seallaibh Curaidh Eoghain -- Celtic Harpestry / Sileas (Scots Gaelic)

Yes, there is an insane amount of Spanish here. This can be attributed to the fact that I have a bias towards Latin-influenced singers.

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