Tuesday, April 01, 2008


There is no trial for a writer like accidental deletion. In my case, Word was behaving funny before I went to bed. I woke up, my computer had rebooted ... and I had lost my work from the prior day, including a page of my novel, three quarters of a page from my short story, and three of my reviews. Now, I write in 8pt font single-spaced, so I'm estimating it was about 1500 words - 5-6 book pages.

I spent the next three and a half hours recreating what I had lost as best I could, but when I reached the same point in the fiction, it was shorter. I knew I'd lost something, and I can't help feel that I ended up with an inferior version.

In other news, another year, another Sword & Sorceress. I've picked out three stories, ordered by my preference, to edit so I have something to send to them - and something else if they reject it before the end of the reading period - and something else. I want this to be the year.

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