Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Mixes!

I've switched over my music again to have new things to listen to in the car, and of course, I had to theme my CDs. The first one is a character-related collection and means nothing if you don't know my past six or seven PCs. The second is called "Fun In Dysfunction" (as in, it puts the - it was too long to write on the CD) and is full of songs where uh, yeah, this relationship is messed up. It includes:

1. Are You Happy Now? -- Michelle Branch
2. A Boy Like That -- Selena
3. Can't Stop Killing You -- Kirsty MacColl
4. Damn -- Leann Rimes
5. Dangerous Game -- Gloria Estefan
6. Dear Life -- Chantal Kreviazuk
7. Disappear -- Anna Sahlene
8. Find Your Way Back -- Michelle Branch
9. Hunter -- Dido
10. I'm Not Giving You Up -- Gloria Estefan
11. Just Ain't Feeling It -- Dian Diaz
12. Loser -- Anna Sahlene
13. Murder On The Dancefloor -- Sophie Ellis-Bextor
14. No Angel -- Dido
15. One Night Only -- Dreamgirls (this one doesn't totally fit, but I wanted it on one of my cuts)
16. The Universe is You -- Sophie Ellis-Bextor (ditto, although it has shades of potential dysfunction)
17. When The Wrong Loves You Right -- Celine Dion
18. Before You -- Chantal Kreviazuk

In the last few rips, I started kind of having a final song that takes a different tactic or a more upbeat note. 18 is an "It all gets better" song to round out the dysfunction.

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