Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Title Change

Byzarium asked to change "Job Description" to "In The Home of The Gods." Apart from my being completely unable to get the capitalization right there, I decided I was good with this. Names may be important; they are not my skill. Whenever anyone has a better idea, I tend to be happy that they shout out. I'm not sure why this is: when titles hit like a bolt from the blue, they're perfect. ("Lightning Strikes" being one of those, ironically.) When I have to push around for them, they end up mediocre.

For instance, I *really* have to change the title of my story about an assassin and her footware from "In These Shoes?" No, the Kirsty MacColl reference is not appropriate in a high fantasy setting.

(For the record: http://www.asklyrics.com/display/Kirsty_Maccoll/In_These_Shoes%3F_Lyrics/157359.htm)

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