Friday, October 26, 2007

Places To Be ...

Currently reading "Places To Be, People To Kill." This is actually a pretty satisfying collection, except for one thing ... half of the stories aren't really about people I would consider assassins. A sorceress who has to defend herself against her father; a royal executioner; a summoned shade sent to slaughter a village ... all very intriguing in their own right, but not what I wanted to read about when I picked up a book that billed itself as being very specifically about assassins. Even the fact that most of these are good stories doesn't belay a certain sense of being cheated by the contents. For instance, I really enjoyed "All In The Execution" by Tim Waggoner, the aforementioned executioner story, which portrays an interesting society, an unusual character, and an amusing solution with deft ease ... just not an assassin story.

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