Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Phonebook Fun

The following surnames came out of my phonebook. I was doing this for a story exercise, so I ignored ones that were too peculiar or too modern, but this is *plenty* odd in patches:

Abernathy, Achey, Alikonia, Amend, Arcuri, Bashada, Battle, Bonecutter, Clever, Coffin, Coldiron, Dressing, Drexelius, Enaiho, Eve, Fey, Fiala, Fightmaster, Goldwire, Hack, Hazard, Heckle, Jeranek, Kohl, Lawyer, League, Lively, Loving, Means, Minds, Moonshine, Morningstar, Muse, Music, Nation, Ndiaye, Nodes, Office, Outland, Pagan, Palace, Pancake, Prey, Query, Quitter, Rafter, Rainwaters, Rust, Scurry, Search, Shiver, Shorten, Sprinkle, Talluri, Test, Vest, Vice, Viola, Vigil, Warning, Wedding, Zilch, Devolve, Dice, Geis, Guard, Ice, Iori, Journey, Justice, Kill, Kinder, Knuckles, Leisure, Platter, Ploy, Register, Reveal, Sample, Self, Snare, Spite, Stonecipher, Trusty, Worst.


Anonymous said...

We get an Abernathy now and again at the pharmacy. I'm not sure anyone would believe it if some of those other last names showed up, though. And one of our state senators has the last name Kohl. I don't think I could handle someone running for office with the last name 'Heckle,' however. ;-)

Lindsey Duncan said...

I admit that "Abernathy" isn't so odd, but I liked it, so I used it. ;-) However, if your last name was Quitter, wouldn't you change it?