Tuesday, January 16, 2007


You never know when your slip of the tongue will become someone else's continuing in-joke ...

There's a kitchen supply place known as Sur La Table (Roughly, sir la tahb(le?) - I have less than no command of French). My mother was in line at her local kitchen store when the lady in front of her started talking about, "Laser Table." It has become a family watchword.

Then there's my childhood friend, who was discussing various foods she ate abroad and enthused about the, "Barbarian sausage" ... I still love this image. (Bavarian, for the still clueless.)

And Gold Star Chili still gets called "Still Car Goalie" from a bit of accidental muddling.

But you have to admit, forget Egghead Software - it's more fun to browse at Eggsoft Headware.

I feel justified in neenering about these because I still get teased about saying, "The default setting for water should be no lemon," and "I'm going to boot up the stove." I am a child of the computer age, after all.

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