Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Wanderings

I know I've mentioned this before, but I'm not one of those writers who can be completely devoted to one story, world or set of characters.  Sometimes, I wish I could be:  it would make my life much easier, especially when I come to the point where I've now found myself ... trying to decide whether to put my energy next.

Writing a novel requires a lot of commitment of time - not just in the writing phases, but with editing, and for me, worldbuilding and the stumbly, bumpy process of submission.  So the pressure is on (if only from myself) to pick the right project, and once again, I'm left wading through possibilities.

Other writers have told me to pick the one I like the best.  If I knew that, I wouldn't have so much trouble!  Truth be told, every time I spend some time considering a project / possibility, that one moves to the top of the mental list.  An online gaming friend once suggested that I roll a die randomly to determine; if I'm satisfied with the roll, then it's the right choice, and if I don't care for it, that's obviously the wrong choice.  Roll again.  Gets the subconscious mind involved ... hopefully.

Building my list of project ideas (see previous blogpost) brought up a memory of another, which put its teeth in my brain and wouldn't let go.  So I had to dig it up to add as an addendum.  I went to find the description I had used in the past, and discovered two things:

1)  I've been doing this method of outlining my thoughts for a long time.
2)  I have a lot of ideas involving dreams.  A lot.

So here's entry #6 on my list:

Basic Premise:  A world that decays around the edges, and must be rebuilt by using the solid stuff of dreams.  On the fringes of the world, a dreamweaver finds a mysterious woman and a smuggling ring of memories and dreams.  Secondary plotline involving a young figurehead king who breaks free of his guardian in an attempt to regain his heritage; may retool or eliminate this one entirely.

Pros:  dream interpretation is rich with possibilities to use in building a setting like this.

Cons:  idea is partly developed, and the secondary plotline feels well-worn / well-trod; may be better off discarded.

I somewhat feel as if this could be combined with one of the other ideas, but I don't see an easy fusion.  On the back burner for now!

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