Wednesday, February 03, 2016

Wednesday Wanderings

I've had a lot of funny, bizarre, even absurd encounters in my culinary schooling / career, and I finally decided to start writing them down.  Perhaps I'll write a nonfiction book some day, or I might use it as a database to steal for fictional encounters ... but in whatever case, I don't want to lose my collection of tidbits, so I've started a document for it.  Just the act of beginning a file and thinking about it has brought memories I had forgotten about to the fore.

My categories are (because of course, I have to categorize them):

Math Is Haaaard

Classmate:  What is one half of a quarter teaspoon?  A half teaspoon, right? 

Things You Can Only Say In The Kitchen
Instructor:  Come over here so I can check out your buns.

"You Keep Using That Word ..."

As a Duncan, I have Scottish ancestry.  Banquet detail sheet for the Caledonian Society – a Scottish-American heritage group – includes the line, “Extra Scotch.”

Me:  Present!

"I'm Allergic to Water!"
(No really good, short examples yet, but they will happen, trust me.  Customer allergies are one of the most consistently absurd parts of my day.  ;-))  

The Customer Is Always Right 
We typically serve fruit and cheese bowls, including grapes, which are left in bunches for the visual effect.  A woman stopped me, quite concerned.

“People aren’t eating the grapes because they can’t get to them,” she said.  “They’re still on the stems.” 

Adventures In ...
Standing in class where each team had cooked a whole fish and I heard giggling behind me, followed by, “Augh!  It’s looking at me!”

“That’s better.”

Cast a look over my shoulder and someone has put an herb leaf over the fish’s eyes.

Sooo we'll see what comes of it.  If nothing else, it will be good to reread for a giggle. 

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