Sunday, December 07, 2014

Sunday Shameless (Advertising)

Tis the season, and as an author with works for sale, I feel contractually obligated to point out that the following can make great Christmas presents ...

Please do check out my contemporary fantasy novel, Flow!  Available as both an ebook and in print, it was the collision of a long-time love of fairy-folk with a few favorite characters allowed to run wild.  (And per the sample in this link, Kit really does say "Holy schnitzel" as one of her pet phrases - it's not me trying to clean up the language.  ;-))

For a shorter sample of the world of the novel, and a taste of the holidays, try out Xmas Wishes.

Gypsy Shadow Publishing also has (at the same bargain of only a dollar!) Taming The Weald, a science fantasy story where space stations and wild growth co-exist ... at least, until one invades the other.

A few anthologies in which I have stories, all of which come highly recommended:

Unburied Treasures


The Light of the Last Day (I have both a flash fiction piece and a poem in this one)

Last, but certainly not least, mosey over to my site and consider giving someone the gift of music:  my Celtic harp CD, Rolling of the Stone, is also available.  You'll find Welsh (my personal obsession), Scottish and Irish music, along with selections from the Breton tradition, German / Bavarian, and Latin sacred music.  It's mostly instrumental, but there are a handful of vocals.

If you're interested, please buy direct from me - I get a very small cut from Amazon.  Due to their shipping requirements, it barely covers the cost of sending CDs to their distribution center.

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