Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Trawling Google in a bored late-night wander, I came across this review for "The Oracle Unlocked" in Staffs and Starships:

For the second time in this issue I was reminded of a favorite author. This time it is Robert E. Howard’s Conan stories that come to mind. And before anyone balks at this, I am not saying that this tale is a Conan clone or anything like it. For me Howard had a gift with description; of places and things. This story has that wonderful vivid touch. The setting and theme are very much like a Conan tale, but hero is completely different. A lot of people forget that Conan has a brain, and it is this aspect that this hero uses in her quest. This story was simple, elegant and a lot of fun.

I am really excessively amused at being compared to Howard. I am glad it is a compliment, but something giggle-worthy about it.

(For the curious, this was found here: http://blogtiderising.wordpress.com/2008/01/04/review-staffs-starships-v1-1-2007/)

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