Saturday, March 29, 2008

Day By Day

Just encountered this CD mix (my second) in my driving travels. This was intended to be a mix of songs involving specific days, seasons and the use of days more generally.

1. Book of Days -- Enya
2. Another Year Has Gone By -- Celine Dion
3. It's A Beautiful Day -- Sarah Brightman
4. Lazy Days -- Enya
5. One Of These Days -- Michelle Branch
6. Big Boy On A Saturday Night -- Kirsty MacColl
7. Once In A Lifetime -- Sarah Brightman
8. Ten Days -- Celine Dion
9. Everyday -- Anne Murray
10. Yesterday -- Sarah Brightman
11. Miss April -- Chantal Kreviazuk
12. Soho Square -- Kirsty MacColl ("Just kiss me quick, 'cause it's my birthday ..." "One day you'll be waiting there, come summertime in Soho Square ...")
13. Winter In July -- Sarah Brightman (... I don't actually have THAT many Brightman songs ripped. Just how this group worked out.)
14. Last Day of Summer -- Kirsty MacColl
15. A New Day Has Come -- Celine Dion
16. Tonight (I Want To Be In Love) -- Anne Murray
17. Halloween -- Kirsty MacColl (... on the other hand, I *do* have that many MacColl songs ripped.)
18. Nowadays/Hot Honey Rag -- Chicago soundtrack
19. Oh How The Years Go By -- Amy Grant
20. Always Tomorrow -- Gloria Estefan

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