Sunday, February 05, 2017

Song Styles

One of the key elements in the past-story section of Surgeburnt - and one that echoes strongly in the current-story - is Maren's failed romance with Archer, the proverbial one who got away.  At the beginning of the novel, it's not clear what exactly happened between the two, because she's clearly still hung up on him ... so I will be a mysterious author and not provide any more information.

For these two, however, this song seemed particularly fitting:

Until The Stars Collide

As the story progresses, Maren develops a fractured, contentious relationship - can you really call it a romance? - with an adversary/co-worker.  And while I have a more "serious" song selection in my list, I couldn't quite resist throwing this in:

Genghis Khan 

If you have not seen this music video, please take a few minutes and watch it.  It's a really fun story in the James Bond / supervillain vein.  I'm taking my character inspiration from the music, not the video, but maybe it matches just a little ...

One of the fun parts about being a writer who is a quasi-pantser (I do most of my planning in the world-and-character elements, leaving the plot free to develop out of those) is the fact that I don't necessarily know what's going to happen in every aspect.  Is a perfect love doomed?  Can a love-hate relationship go anywhere but hate-hate?  Do opposites attract, or does something more lasting build between people who think alike?  (There's actually a brain-styles / evolutionary answer to this, but that's for another post.)

Only time will tell.

... and I'll have to find a song for it.

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