Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Wednesday Wanderings

I think I'm going to return to Wednesdays for my (almost) weekly post, since Tuesday has been prep day at work, and a couple long ones have knocked me backwards.

Ironically, this week's post is also all about the food:  still ruminating between two novel ideas, the more traditionally high fantasy setting seems to offer plenty of opportunity for feasts and signature dishes.  I pondered the idea of - separate from the book - putting together either the actual recipes or finding sources for inspiration.  They would be used on my blog for promo.

Now, of course, for the savory side of things, it is well within my capability to actually come up with a fully original "cookbook" to go along with the novel.  The pastry side is a bit more dicey; to claim a recipe as one's own, you have to build it from the ground up, and the ratios and chemistry are very precise.  On the other hand, this wouldn't be for sale no matter how I packaged it, so perhaps a bit of (fully credited!) leeway is allowable.

I suppose the reason I'm posting this is a temperature check:  does anyone think this is a good idea?  Would seeing "recipes from the world of X" pique your interest to read a novel?  Or learn more about the author?  No, wait, that would be a negative ... I don't want people prying into me, aaah!

Of course, all this is academic (for now) if I decide to go with the other concept - not only does the setting not lend itself to the same kind of food, the presence of dishes and taste wouldn't be as important to the book.  Believe me, I wish I were a good enough harp composer to embed music ...

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