Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

Today is the last day of my first quarter of classes.  I've taken all my exams associated with my coursework; I have one more test, for ServSafe certification, on Saturday ... at 8am.  Who schedules an exam at that date and time, I ask you?

In any case, the academic courses were, generally, no sweat - and my concepts course was fascinating, a goldmine of intriguing information about food and associated topics.  I've always enjoyed exploring the interconnection of information - how the habitat of birds and the necessity of disguise influences the color of their eggs, for instance.

For me, the challenge was the lab course.  First of all, I have a slow physical learning curve; I'm always a bit behind everyone else.  Second of all, I was homeschooled my entire life and then took the majority of my previous college courses online.  I am not accustomed to retaining information solely from lecture format.  So suffice to say ... it was a learning experience.  I've definitely learned to take notes in greater detail.

Overall, the experience was intense, but I enjoyed it.  I love learning; I love keeping busy.  Now it's time to start applying what I've learned ...

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