Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts

By now, most of you have seen my big news of the week:  my brand new, sparkly website is up and running!  Feel free to send me a message just for fun.  Or not for fun; I'm not particularly picky.

Distilling my old site and updating the information was quite a process.  I was struck, going through my list of old publications, how many of the venues were defunct, whether the website was still active or had long ago disappeared ... and in a few cases, how many of the stories were still up, despite the passage of years.  It's an interesting illustration of how the internet can be both fleeting and forever.

... this is not a suggestion to go and read those old stories, either, though I'm sure there are gems.  I've always felt that I've lost a certain amount of guts and spontaneity as I've developed as a writer - the trade-offs being more sense, organization, and coherence.  Overall, I've gained more than I've lost, but oh, I miss the days when I thought it was a good idea to start a story with nothing more than a bizarre name ... but I think I come up with far deeper and more nuanced ideas now.

So I wonder if that boils down to this - new website for the new me, sleeker, prettier and less cluttered.

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