Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Long time no post, I know:  my computer crashed the morning of the 13th (when I would normally post) and was not back up and in shape until the 22nd.  This wasn't so much because it was in bad shape as because I decided to reinstall with a RAID configuration, and getting that to work in Windows 7 turned out to be trickier than I had intended.  If you're going to try this yourself, word of advice:  unplug the second hard drive while installing the OS.  Otherwise, it will put the System Reserved partition on the other drive, and you won't be able to mirror it.  (You can tell 7 not to create a System Reserved partition, but then it won't mirror that way, either.)

On a less technical note, I found I wasn't doing much writing during the downtime.  Instead, I read:  ploughed through the Rum and Runestones anthology, A Company of Stars, and about a third of the way through We Open On Venus.  It turned out to be a needed hiatus:  since returning, I've (finally) finished a short story, edited another, and have done some further work on Scylla and Charybdis before I broach my intended drop-everything-and-edit.

I've always thought that taking a break from writing can be crucial.  Usually, I like to plan these, but even an unexpected hiatus can infuse one with new energy when the vacation ends.  Maybe this isn't true for all writers, but I incubate, brew on the story or stories in the back of my head, allowing my subconscious to solve my problems for me.  And it usually does.

On another note, my short story, Mythocraft, got nominated for the Preditors and Editors Annual Reader's Poll!  (Anyone want to nominate Flow?)  You can see all the action here:

Sorry these "thoughts" are so scattered.  I'll try to get back to a more formal post next week, but at least I *am* back.


Catherine Stine said...

sometimes it's nice to have that downtime from the Net. I was without it for a few days during some heavy snowfall, and I got lots of good reading done.

Lindsey Duncan said...

It was a surprisingly nice break. And made me really appreciate when I got back.