Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

This will be my last Thursday Thoughts post before the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto.  Next week, I'll be blogging about the happenings of the convention, the panels I'm attending, the wonderful authors ... the whole atmosphere.

I'm not expecting any marketing miracles whilst I'm in Toronto, but I know that inevitably, the question, "What is your book about?" comes up.  I want to be able to answer it without stammering and saying nothing ... or rambling on for two minutes at someone who really wants an answer about as in-depth as when they ask, "How are you?"  No one really wants the detailed description of your headache and how you almost missed your alarm that morning; give us the CliffNotes.

So I came up with both short loglines and longer (but still brief) descriptions if someone turned out to be crazy enough to express further interest.  Mind that I don't expect to rattle these off verbatim, but I wrote these to give my brain a framework for what I might say.  Now, there are three variants of this question - my published book, the project I'm currently shopping, and the projects that are currently in progress.  So that leads to three answers:


Flow is a contemporary fantasy.  Teenaged Kit recruits water-witch Chailyn to hunt for her mother’s killer.  The pair run afoul of both fairy wrath and the attention of a human organization that hunts the supernatural.


Journal of the Dead is a mannerpunk-style fantasy set in a world where killing someone causes their mind to leap into yours.  Aided by her spirits, an unwilling executioner must fight royal politics to reclaim her son.

(Working On - Editing, Actually)

Scylla and Charybdis is a soft science fiction novel about a young woman from an isolated space station who escapes to the polar opposite societies left behind in the wake of an alien disease, and Who Wants To Be A Hero? is humorous fantasy asking the question:  what would happen if a Greco-Roman pantheon invented reality competition television?

... from this, I can only infer that my brain is hyper.  Wish me luck!

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