Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Working hard on my Flow galley. After an initial readthrough, I decided to go over it a second time for other tweaks. There were two substantive things that needed alteration - a better explanation of what a "Crescent" is (a rank, or rather lank thereof, amongst the water witches) and a deletion of a minor element that I ... uh ... wrote into the story and then completely forgot to bring back. Also a few tweaks to the use of computers / cellphones to make it less obvious how long ago the manuscript was written ... but decided to leave it on the subliminal assumption that events happen in 2007.

(You have to read the manuscript fairly closely to figure this out - look at the starting date, look at the number of days the book covers, and then note that the confrontation scene happens on a Sunday. But it's there.)

When I return the galley to the editor, I will be wrangling such information as schedules, cover creation, and the policy of review / gift copies ... and doubtless other things that I haven't considered.


Aubrie said...

I'd be happy to be a part of your blog tour and review it for you.


Thanks for looking at my cover.

Lindsey Duncan said...

I've so got to figure out how this whole blog tour thing works! I am clueless.

Cherie Reich said...

Lindsey, I would also be happy to be a part of your blog tour, and if you need a reviewer, just let me know.

For blog tours, you can either pick dates around your release date and find bloggers who would like to host you on their blog. You can do this by interviews or guest posts or even just a mention of the book and an excerpt. There are also some book tour sites you can pay for (not sure what the price on most of them are), but they will set up the blogs your posts will go on.