Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Confession time: I've spent a significant portion of the last two weeks with an online roleplaying game. Not a MMORPG - I hate those things! - but a text-exclusive MUSH (Multi-User Shared Hallucination). I don't consider this a bad thing unless it gets excessive, because this style of roleplaying hones some of the writing skills. Flexibility - responding to events that wouldn't be how you'd write them, because you didn't write them - collaboration (of course), and clarity ... you get immediate feedback if you're not makin' sense. And character development, because the nature of these MUSHes means you roleplay some scenes that are purely social and don't have any "plot" impact.

The storyline I was laying out involved an intensive series of events, ICly (In Character ... ly ;-)) occurring between Tues and Sunday, but needing these two weeks to roleplay out. (Ah, people's schedules.) So now that it's pretty much done with only one scene still dangling - started last Friday, at that! - I will be able to fix my eye more firmly back on my writing projects.

Which means getting back into the most two recent stories I've finished and giving them their first edit ... cower in fear, stories, for I am coming for you!

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Aubrie said...

Good luck on editing your stories!